Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sporting News: June 2015

           Nowadays various sporting news happen in every corner of the globe thus it is very essential on our part to be updated with everything that is going on around us. To keep the readers' interests on this subject matter, here then are some of the recent developments in the world of sports:

1. Controversial remarks made my Brazilian coach- this explicitly happened during the recent version of Copa America wherein Brazilian coach, Dunga, was highly criticised especially by the netizen for making a disgusting remark in which he tried to compare himself as of having an African descent or roots while experiencing difficulty and challenging comments as a consequence of the team's lackluster performance in the said prestigious competition. And although the famous coach made a public apology on his outburst yet the damage has been done on his actions.

imagecreditPhoto by Vlado. Published on 10 September 2013
Stock photo - Image ID: 100200747

2.   Another gold medal dream for an NBA Champion- Andrew Bogut, a famed member of the recently declared NBA 2015 Champions, Golden State Warriors, made this remarkable statement in one of his news conference. He further mentioned that if the previous Aussie basketball team which performed splendidly in the Olympics will remain fit and prepared, then they have a big chance to grab the much desired gold medal on the coming Rio Olympics. 

3. Italian Star Continued to Shine- in the world of motorsports, it is the time of the famous Italian rider, Valentino Rossi, to shine by winning the Dutch MotoGP. The event was held inAssen and he was going toe to toe with Marc Marquez and emerged triumphant than the other rider. " This win is very important because I was competitive all weekend." this was his pronouncement at the end of the race. His winning time margin was 1.242 seconds over his closest rival. 

          Hence these are but just a few of the latest developments in the world of sports. As every new day unfolds, many new winning moments also are being shared and let us continue to savour every moment by refreshing our minds with all these developments.