Monday, 29 December 2014

Hosting International Sporting Events

          Many nations nowadays are competing for the right to host international sporting events however some people think this is not a good idea. Hosting big sports events can be an issue for countries especially for those which are competing to win such right. It can be a problem and it is not a good idea since the competition may result to a sour relationship among them. 

          Big sporting events such as World Cup, Olympics, and others attract many affluent people and tourists to witness them. Consequently this would bring huge profit and long term economical increase in terms of tourism. However due to the benefits that could be possibly acquired, the right to host thus become a stiff competition among them. Although it would be a big advantage to win the right due to the prospect of having more infrastructures, labour force and promotions. For example, the Olympic that was held in China was announced with greater margin and apparently it acquired more prominence especially to its culture.
imagecredit: Michele L

           Furthermore, the opportunity to host such a massive event provides an opportunity to invite more people like  businessmen and the like. Eventually it will result to further boost to economy. On the other hand, the negative impact of creating a compelling decision to which country will come out as the eventual host will most likely result to a deteriorating relationship among the participating countries. Aside from that, bribery and corruption might also happen among the competing nations. 

          Eventually, the hosting of such events will either result to a positive outcome or a negative one. It is therefore upon the hands of the corresponding leaders and officers of these nations to see to it that everything is done according to the best of interest of all. 

Contributing writer: Myra Flor Jugan


Sunday, 30 November 2014

Making A Statement

           Here's comes the great humanitarian boxer once again- Manny Pacquiao, the only eight-division world champion of the world, who after demolishing the equally talented Chris Algieri in their latest fight in Macau, China. 

          After his recent triumph in the ring, he replied to Floyd Mayweather's teasing of him through his post in his Instagram account that anytime, the former is willing to fight Mayweather so as to put a period to this long dream of the world's boxing enthusiasts. 

imagecredit: By hin255, published on 06 July 2012Stock Photo - image ID: 10090971

          While many people joined Manny on this celebration, three hundred children also celebrated with him for he is their benefactor in their education and in their other needs. That's exactly how Manny is admired by many of his fans not just the adult people but as well coming from the children who will soon have better and bright future through the assistance extended to them by the humble champion, Manny.

          Manny has been telling the press and all his fans that they all deserve this much awaited fight with Mayweather so it is now on the hands of the former to accept and sign the contract of this very rich fight. 

          For the great people's champ, congratulations to your recent victory and may more people find joy in all the sharings that you have extended and will continue to extend to them.


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Asian Games 2014

          As the recently concluded Asian Games 2014's memories come to our minds, sighs of relief and shouts of joy surely filled the hearts of all especially with its resounding successes  that came from those who have participated live and even those who followed the games online. In some way, multitude of records were shattered by the great performance of the athletes. Indeed, these athletes made their host countries so proud of them not only by just bringing the beacon but also by fulfilling their ultimate dream and that is to emerge as the best among the best in Asia. 

          Examples of those worthy to mention are the 14 world records which were shattered during the games. Moreover, there were also 80 Games records that were set during the event. Among the participating countries, China emerged as the best by garnering 151 gold medals and was followed by South Korea with 79 gold medals. Third came Japan with 47 gold medals and Kazakhstan with 28 gold medals. 

          On the other hand, as the events went by, some controversies came especially on the area of poor officiating. Perhaps this is one area that the event organisers and other sports officials need to look into into as they would surely gather together to assess the just concluded huge sporting event. 

       During the closing ceremony, one of the highlights was the performance of the Rainbow Choir, composed of 30 children. They were so focused on their superb performance and it was one of the much applauded part of the ceremony. Indeed, new stars of the various sports came out and some former stars started their exit of the game. Congratulations to all winners and to all participants. Finally this event became an avenue for all people of Asia to come together as one community. 


Sunday, 21 September 2014

What's Up In the World of Sports?

          During this time of year, the world of sports is very much alive. Indeed there are numerous events and developments in the various sporting events and let us know some of them here. 

          In the world of MMA (mixed martial arts), the UFC announced that it has suspended one of its top players, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson due to a domestic violence claim against him. His present record is 18-4 and his recent victory was a stunning win over the equally famous Antonio Rogerio Nogueria and this happened in just less than a minute. 

          Meanwhile in the world of amateur basketball league in the Philippines, Far Eastern University (FEU) clobbered the team La Salle in a score 65-60. For the FEU Tamaraws, the leading scorers were Mike Tolomia who managed to get 19 points and he was equally supported by the 15 point contribution of Mac Belo. 

          On the other hand, in the cricket world, Australia's Mitchell Marsh will make his Test debut in a game against Pakistan. However team Australia is set to miss the services also of the talented Shane Watson who is presently recovering from his ankle injury. The player designated to take over his place is Kane Richardson. 

          Thus, these are but just some of our updates now in the sports world. We all know that each day brings enormous events and surprises in the world of sports. 


Saturday, 16 August 2014

What's Up In Sports?

          In my entry today, I will share with you some updates on the world of sports. Nowadays, sports world has so  many exciting events going on here and there. Let us try to know what are some of the latest inspiring events in sports.

          In the world of Australian football, the famous AFL (Australian Football League),  the Melbourne Demons will face Greater Western Sydney in a game which will be held at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) on Sunday. Earlier this year, they have emerged triumphant over teams such as Essendon, Richmond, Carlton, and Adelaide. Meanwhile Geelong Cats made a masterful triumph over Carlton at Docklands. This indeed became a much needed preparation for them for their next game against Hawthorn which for many is considered to be a blockbuster encounter.

imagecredit: Ben Tabanquerao
          And as of this date, the top teams at the ladderboard for AFl are the following: Geelong with 16-0 standings, Hawthorn 15-0, Sydney 15-0, Freemantle 13-0, Fort Adelaide 12-0. These are the best performing teams so far in the AFL standings.

          Meanwhile in golf, Bradley Dredge of Wales, presently the first round co-leader in the Danish Open Golf, is sitting eight under par at the halfway mark. This tournament is the national open golf tournament of Denmark. And Fijian former world number 1 ranked Vijay Singh is promising to make a comeback after a few so-so performance in the tournaments that he had participated in. When he was at the prime of his sports, he coveted major awards in winning three majors thus making him world number ranked player for 32 consecutive weeks and these were on the years 2004 and 2005. 


Friday, 11 July 2014

Wimbledon 2014

          The recent conclusion of the 2014 Wimbledon Championships showed another triumph by the much improved player Petra Kvitova . And the 24 year old Czech deserved her latest addition to her trophies that she outrightly dominated the young Canadian player Eugenie Bouchard.

          When the match was over, the over all score would tell us how dominating the performance of Kvitova 6-3, 6-0. Her attacks were so furious that left Bouchard unable to return most of the time. Neverthless, her defence as well as astounding. After the match and in one of her interviews, she exclaimed that that game was one of the best matches so far that she had played. 


           On the men's side, it was the recent considered best player in the world, Novak Djokovic, who emerged as the most consistent player when he outsmarted Roger Federer in five sets. Indeed the victory was so sweet for Djokovic that the triumph was his seventh major title and it came after he lost three previous finals. 

          Thus congratulations to the two world's best tennis players at this stage of the game.  


Friday, 20 June 2014

Great Fight: Barrera vs. Hamed

          Sharing with you here one of the great fights that we have during the year 2001. This time, this war was between the much famous Marco Antonio Barrera of Mexico against Prince Naseem Hamed. It was mentioned that this fight is going to be a preliminary fight for Barrera as he prepares for his coming fight with the Filipino popular fighter Manny Pacquiao.

          The first round went to Barrera as he tugged in a couple of times Hamed. The latter survived the round but was obviously hammered by those big blows coming from Barrera.



          However, in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, it was clearly  a turn around to what had transpired during the opening round as Hamed went to war and exacted revenge by hammering Barrera with some solid shots to the body. Barrera later showed some blood below his eyes on the third round. The match was still a close one at this juncture that both had 48 total score. 

          Somehow, the Prince's powerful big left hand was unsuccessful mostly during the previous rounds yet at the remaining 20 seconds of round 5, he unleashed a powerful big left hand that staggered Barrera. So far, Barrera was hesitant to make use of his well known jabs thus resulting to this round belonging to Hamed.

          However the next round belonged to Barrera as he became busy with his jabs and one of those made a mark on Hamed's face as he was hit with a big left punch from Barrera. In the next round, at 1 minute past the round, Barrera made a powerful right to the face of Hamed.  Blood started to come out from Hamed's nose at this round. Somehow, Barrera's jabs were effective at this point. 

         Until the end of the 9th round, Barrera was leading the fight by 2 points. At the end of round 10, Barrera was told to throw more punches; however it was clear though that at this point of the fight, Hamed needed a knock out to win it. 

          At the end of 11th round, it was clear that Barrera was ahead in the scorecards of the three judges. By copybox number, round 12 was all Barrera. And when the ring announcer, Michael Buffer,  read the decision, it was a unanimous decision for Marco Antonio Barrera. 


Friday, 13 June 2014

Cotto Charges Again

           “This is the biggest achievement I've ever had in my career. Being here, Miguel Cotto, being here at Madison Square Garden, I feel very good. I told you that we had the most beautiful and the most outrageous camp in my career. I have to thank Freddie (Roach) and my group."- Miguel Cotto 

          Indeed, it was such an overwhelming performance by the three time champion challenger Miguel Cotto after scoring what was said as an overwhelming conquer over the champion, the 39- year old Sergio Martinez. Martinez has been knock down twice in his previous fights and successfully stood up then won the fight.

          However on his recent fight against the Puerto Rican superstar fighter, he was outclassed even at the start of the fight in which saw him floored thrice. Thus last Saturday, June 7th, the world saw him clearly outmatched by Miguel Cotto. It was so obvious that the fight was so one sided in favour of the Puerto Rican fighter that Martinez's trainer Pablo Sarmiento gave in the fight by throwing the towel before the start of the tenth round. 

          It was moreover a wise move by the trainer to prevent his fighter from acquiring further punishment. He had his right eye cut and it was severely swelling. The spirit of Martinez to fight was very much on yet the physical power was no longer present. Hence the world witnessed such a display of a boxing showcase by the much heralded and the only four division Puerto Rican champion, Miguel Cotto.  


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Best of Pinoy Pugs: PINOY PRIDE XXV

          Watch out for the coming comeback fight of Rey "Boomboom" Bautista. He will be making his comeback fight against Sergio Villanueva of Mexica. We all remember that Boomboom had his rest from the ring when he decided to call it quits after failing in his recent fights. 

imagecredit: ID: 114885
          However, the blood of boxing, the quest of glory and the love of the sports convinced him that after all, he still has a long way to go in the sports. Boom boom is still a young blood in this sports and he can improve a lot if he will also free himself from all those things that created stumbling blocks towards his gate of success.

          As a young but talented boxer, he has shown in the past that he can slug it out with any boxer out there. He is, on the other hand, maybe lacking in stamina and defence but these things can be learned and it only needs his focus and determination to make it to the top.

          Anyway other pinoy pugs who will be seeing action on this fight promotion dubbed as Pinoy Pride XXV are Milan Melindo, Donnie Nietes and more. Let us all support our boxers and show to the world that they are of world calibers as well.


Friday, 11 April 2014

The Second Encounter

          Two days from now, the boxing world will witness the  much awaited world welterweight rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. There have been so many speculations that happened for this fight and all of them will be put to rest when the two fighters collide at the top of the ring by Saturday in Las Vegas.



ID: 255849
          Bradley shocked the boxing world when he halted the 15 game winning streak of Pacquiao. Then the later made another downfall of his career when he was knocked down by his Mexican nemesis, Juan Manuel Marquez. To see a redemption, he needs to win convincingly during this fight.

          Pacquiao, the eigth division champion, lost a controversial first fight with Bradley two years ago. Some boxing camps had Pacquiao as the winner of that fight yet the final decision was declared by the judges already. Each person has his/her own opinion of the first fight and all of those doubts will be clarified when these two favorite fighters will meet again.

          Who's your bet on this fight? Let all be answered when the bell will ring to start this famous rematch bout.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Heat Is On!

          The 2014 Winter  Olympics is going on. Presently this is being held in Sochi, Russia. For this year's prestigious event, 88 nations participated on 98 events. Presently the three countries which are on the top of the standing ladder are Canada, Netherlands and Norway.

          Yet still a long way to go for all the participants as the games continue during the games.  Many controversies also emerge during the past days yet the spirit of the games continue to emerge. Just to  share some highlights of the events:

-Alex Bilodeau, one of Canada's top performers, came up as the best performer in the men's mogul competition. He successfully defended his title in spite of the strong performance of the other participants.
- Team Netherlands also emerged triumphant in the 500m Olympic Speed sakting competition bested the field with such power that they toppled all competitors.

- Martin Fourcade, representative of France, became the recipient of the first gold medal of the country by emerging victorious in the biathlon pursuit. 

          Anyway the venue of the competition is held in 2 primary locations namely: Sochi Olympic park and Krasnaya Polyana. Of the 2 main venues, some of the corresponding venues are: Laura Biathlon and Ski Complex, Rhosa Khotur Extreme Park, Sliding Center Sanki from the Krasnaya Polyana. On the other hand, from the Olympic park, here are some interesting places:  Fisht Olympic Stadium, Bolshoi Ice Dome, Shayba Arena, Adler Arena skating Center and the Ice Cube Center.

          Games continue to become interesting as the days move on hence we therefore expect more de;iveries from the sport's favorites and we also expect new heroes for this year's Olympics.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

2014 Australian Open

          The Australian Open is ongoing nowadays. Cast of world famous players are gathered in Melbourne to compete for the coveted title as champion of 2014 Australian Open- the first leg of the famous Grand Slam of tennis. 

         Who will emerge as this year's champion? We will find that out in the coming days. So far, the top ranked names are advancing to the next round. Such big names as Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Tsonga for the men's side and Williams, Azarenka, Sharapova, and others are marching ahead to the next round. 
          Just recently, Federer made a masterful triumph over Gabashvili. What made it a sweeter victory was the presence of Federer's family which included his wife Merka together with his twin daughters. 

          On the other hand, Nadal, the top seed, won against the Frenchman, Gael Monsfil thus obviously stating his status being the top seed of this first leg of the Grand Slam.