Wednesday, 26 July 2017

What is Important in Sports: Winning or Something Else?

          The world of sports is composed of various facets. And one among those is its similarity to a coin- it is composed of two opposing parts- positive and the negative. And on sports, any aim on events is always winning- thus giving 100% performance is always a must.  No second level or lopsided performance but rather, everything should be aiming for the best. 

          However, losing in any competition is the other side of the coin. Pain, desolation, heartbroken and downhearted are but some of the negative consequences of any loss. Sometimes, a player could ask himself, " What went wrong with my performance?

How did it happen when in fact, I have given my best shot?" Other questions could come up in one's mind yet at the very end, this unfortunate result could be a blessing in disguise and it will happen when one says the positive effect of losing. 

          That instead of blaming oneself or the worse, blaming others, one will resort to retrospection and assess what needs to be improved in terms of one's approach to the game. "Better luck next time." is always a positive approach to the experience. Thus one of the best ways to approach any game is to look at it as a  means of emerging as a winner- both in winning or losing the game. It's all in the mind after all.