Sunday, 27 March 2022

Amazing Talent- Kai Sotto

     Height is might- a very true statement especially in the world of basketball. And one prospect on this game who has this gift is Kai Sotto- a Filipino prospect who is considered as. a great talent and a great prospect in the world of basketball.

     But who is Kai Sotto? Kai comes from Las Pinas, Philippines. He is listed as 7'1 indeed a very tall player in the world of basketball. On a news last April 1, 2021, it was then announced that his services is taken by the Adelaide Sixers of the National Basketball League based in Australia. And to think that NBL is one of the best leagues of basketball in the whole world meaning that Kai will be given the tools to improve and learn all those stuffs that will make him great on this game.

                                                  Image by Varun Kulkarni from Pixabay 

     I have seen some of his games on NBL and I personally could see the potential that this young man possesses. He is not scared to compete against those big bodied and more senior players from opposing teams. His slams are so great to watch. With the league on its way, it is not impossible for Kai to develop intensely his skills and bring his talent to NBA hearing that this is his ultimate goal in his basketball journey. Good luck Kai. 


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