Wednesday 31 January 2024

Who is the GOAT in Basketball?

          When it comes to the title GOAT (Greatest of all Time) in basketball, I believe this refers to these two players: Michael Jordan and Lebron James. As I tried to researched on this one, my guess is as right as that of other people thus let us stick to these two as GOAT in basketball.

          First and foremost, let us talk about Michael Jordan. His legacy on the game is that he has 6 NBA Chanmpionships,  5 MVP Awards,  and heaps of personal accolades. During his active years, he spent most of his playing days with the famous and equally heralded Chicago Bulls. 

Image by Inga Klas from Pixabay

          On the other hand, Lebron James has been seen playing with several teams such as Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat and his latest team, the famous Los Angeles Lakers. Similar to Michael Jordan, he has received many awards also like the MVP and the NBA Championships much to his credit and contributions. 

          With all these achievements, the title GOAT is seemingly extended to them however there are also other notable players who have made great contributions to the game just like the names of Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russel, or Kareem Abdul Jabaar or even the late Kobe Bryant. Hence the tile GOAT could oftentimes be subjective depending on one's own preference and gauges. 

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