Wednesday 15 May 2024

How One Can Be A Champion?

         To be a champion in any field of sports, one needs to have certain qualities that will aid him to reach its summit. There are certain steps that one can take so as to achieve this goal. Among them are: set clear goals, commit to consistent training, focus on fundamental, stay physically fit, develop mental toughness, and learn from failure. 

        With regard to setting your goals, make it both long term and short term goals. Assess them as something specific and attainable as well as something that can give you motivation and direction. In addition to this one, be sure to have your whole heart on your training. The training period allows you to be prepared in all facets such as physically, mentally and emotionally. 

         Learn to draw plans and concrete steps so that you can be true to your dream of becoming a champion. Be inspired by the lives of such champions as Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Kyrie Erving, Efren Reyes and many others who in their life have achieved their greatness. 


          Then focus on your fundamentals, Whatever field of sport you have chosen, learn its basics, try to improve your footworks and your decision making abilities. Your foundation is very important to improve your field. And stay physically fit meaning learning to say no, ( a big NO) to all those vices that could possibly hinder you to reach your goal. Be smart enough to set aside minor details that can cause distractions. 

          Second to the last, develop your mental toughness since in any game that you are in, positive and negative sides are always present. Be aware to celebrate those times of victory and accept graciously moments of failures. Feel both the joy of being a winner and also the pain of losing any game. From all those failures, learn something positive. Though it sounds tough since it touches your pride and heart BUT for you to be able to become a champion, learn to extract positive from them. 


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